Roads remain shut across Richmondshire due to flooding

Flooding on Brunt Acres Road near Hawes. Photo: Bez Beresford/North Yorkshire Weather Updates.

Highways bosses say several roads across Richmondshire remain closed due to flooding.

The closures come after Storm Gerrit brought a second day of heavy rain.

In its latest update, North Yorkshire Council said at about 2pm on Thursday that the following roads remained closed:

  • A684, Aysgarth to Worton
  • C28, Melsonby to Aldbrough St John
  • C32, Bruntacres Road, Hawes
  • Cliff Gate, north of Hawes
  • A684, Wensley Bridge, west of Leyburn

The A684 at Morton Flatts between Morton-on-Swale bridge and Station Road, Scruton, is also shut.

The council is urging motorist to exercise extreme caution when driving in the county.

A spokesperson said: “Localised conditions are making driving hazardous today.

“Please avoid driving through any kind of standing or moving flood water.”

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  1. When is something going to be done to ensure the A684 at Morton Bridge is kept open. It is the main route for the A1 and the Dales.It must be possible to reconstruct the road above the flood area?

    • I agree the road leading up to Morton Bridge on the A684 in this day and age could easily be lifted up with underpasses for the water to flow under in flood conditions. Also the same at Wensley Bridge on the A684 road could be sorted the same way.

      Years ago they built the railways with very limited machines and these had to be more or less level for miles.

      They should be ashamed of them selves today when they are frighten of a small job like this.

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