Roads to shut for national cycling event

The route of the time trial.

Roads in the district will be shut today for the British Cycling National Time Trial Championships which is starting and finishing in Catterick Garrison.

Organisers say top cyclists – including Olympic and world champions – will be taking part in the event.

The event is being organised by British Cycling, in partnership with North Yorkshire Council and Tees Valley Combined Authority.

Roads around Richmond and Catterick will be shut much of the day with officials warning residents’ access will be restricted from 8.50am to 5pm.

During a break in the racing, the roads will be reopened from 12.05pm for an hour to allow local access.


The roads affected by the closure:

  • Plumer Road, from the junction with Range Road to the junction with Brokes Lane
  • Range Road, (Leyburn Road) from the junction with Plumer Road to the A6108 junction on Barden Moor
  • Barden Moor through Brokes to Plumer Road (Waitwith Bank).


In a letter to residents, Jonathan Day, managing director of British Cycling Events, said: “The event will require a number of essential road closures around the area.

“Catterick Garrison will be the start and finish location of the event, which is the UK’s biggest and most prestigious time trial cycle races for men and women.

“The races will attract top cyclists – including Olympic and World Champions – to compete on a circuit starting and finishing from the Parade Square adjacent to Plumer Road.

“These events are part of a weeklong of championship races based in the area with other events taking place at Darlington and Saltburn.”

He added: “These events could potentially deliver a £400k boost to the local economy.

“There will be four races taking place on the day, with riders competing on an individual basis against the clock at 1- minute or 2-minute intervals. Each rider will have a motorcycle escort.

“To ensure the complete safety of participants, there will be a temporary road closure in operation on the day delivered by Community Traffic Management Ltd and approved through a ‘temporary traffic order’ issued by North Yorkshire Council.”

Residents can email British Cycling at if they have questions relating to the event or call 07881 728063 if they need emergency access on the day.





  1. I can’t understand why a main road link from Wensleydale area to the A1 north has been aloud to be closed almost all day on a week day when delivery vans-HGVs and many other important vehicles need to use it who will have to take longer alternative roads which will cost companies lots in lost time and money.

    It seems these organisations just come out here closing our roads and use them as there playground. This should have been organised to take place on a Sunday when it would only affect many pleasure motorists and not so many goods vehicles.
    Or the organiser should have used private roads as other car events etc have to.

  2. It’s the middle of summer! Why couldn’t they do this from 4am til 7am, then 7pm til 10pm. It is going to cause massive traffic problems for the residents of Leyburn.

  3. Outrageous that a major route used by numerous heavy goods vehicles from Wensleydale quarries to the A1 should be closed on a weekday. If these are the “ideal roads” for a minority sport closures should be on a Sunday. Better still, take the “sport” elsewhere where it can be enjoyed by spectators.

  4. Oophs! Perhaps we should be more considerate to all parties, far greater disruption is caused by regrettable Road Traffic Accidents which are unplanned with no advanced warning, get over it and manage it, and no I am not a Cycling enthusiast but I do enjoy the life experience of being able to enjoy these types of events in the local communities of rural Great Britain!

  5. “Each rider will have a motorcycle escort” – really? Thought cycling was supposed to be green?

  6. How is a cycle event like this allowed to cause so much disruption on major roads! Who is responsible for allowing it ?! There must be a better way to run such events. As for the majority of the general public, its clear what our councilors and officials think of first, in allowing the roads to be taken over all day, not the majority of people trying to go about there normal day that’s for sure.

    • And nevermind all the inconvenience everyone on the day! what an arragant attitude to have!

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