Rolls Royce factory ‘could create 300 jobs across district’

A study of the potential socio-economic impact of launching a Rolls Royce reactors factory at Scotch Corner has concluded it would boost the local economy by £40m annually and create 300 jobs across Richmondshire.

The report, which has been submitted to Richmondshire District Council as part of a planning application to build 23,000sq m of advanced manufacturing floorspace and 3,100sq m of office space on land south of the A6108 at Barracks Bank, underlines that it is one of the six locations shortlisted by the firm for the facility.

The proposal, which the report reveals could cost up to £300m to build, follows a government energy white paper setting out the importance of combining the production of low carbon energy with economic recovery and building the UK’s energy generation capacity.

The consultant’s report states while there would be substantial economic benefits arising from launching a Rolls-Royce plant at the site, if the firm did not chose to locate there it would be reasonable to assume an alternative firm there would have broadly similar socio-economic benefits.

The report’s authors say although the project includes creating 26,100sq m of floorspace, the socio-economic sphere of influence would be much wider than the proposed development site.

It states the main benefits would be about £200m of direct investment in building the proposed small modular reactors factory at the site, which supports 191 permanent construction jobs, with the likelihood that about ten per cent of the jobs are filled by local residents.

The study concludes the operation of the plant would generate some 300 new jobs within the Richmondshire district, supporting an economic output of some £40m a year.

The report states: “The new jobs supported on site will be specialised and many of the jobs will likely attract skills beyond the district area in the short. But over time, these workers will want to live close to where they work and will settle within the district, which is an attractive location to live.”

In total, around 160 jobs created are estimated to be filled by Richmondshire
district residents and that the value from the jobs to the local economy is estimated to be £19.3m per annum.

The boost to cash-strapped North Yorkshire Council would be significant too, the study states, with almost £500,000 more in business rates annually to fund key services.

The report states analysis has shown the area has a low supply of local jobs relative to the size of the population, and the local jobs are mostly in lower value and lower paid sectors, dominated by service industries such as food and retail.

It states: “The Rolls Royce factory will be creating high value job opportunities at the proposed Scotch Corner site. Such jobs will compete with the better paid jobs outside of the district, and these opportunities should be a good match for the highly skilled residents in the North and Central Richmondshire and Richmondshire district areas.”

North Yorkshire County Council leader Councillor Carl Les, who represents nearby Catterick village, said with its location beside the A1(M), the proposed factory would be ideal for the transportation of the manufactured tubes and pipes.

He said: “The 160 new jobs would be very useful for that area in particular where a lot of people commute to the Tees Valley. It is certainly the industry for future growth as we look to increase energy security.”

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  1. No chance of Richmond property prices reducing then with even more well paid jobs coming the the area!

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