Roman and Saxon artefacts discovered in the Catterick area to go on display

Catterick Garrison Leisure Centre.

Roman and Saxon artefacts discovered in the Catterick area and items from both World Wars will go on display at Catterick Library next month.

The exhibition is being staged for Local and Community History Month by the Catterick Historical Archive, with support from the Garrison Headquarters and North Yorkshire Council.

The exhibition will showcase five poems written by Risedale school pupils, winners of last November’s Armistice Remembrance poem competition.

Visitors can also explore a collection of archaeological specimens, including fossils from extinct flora.

The library boasts an extensive military book section, complemented by recorded voices of veterans sharing their stories through the Garrison Origins project.

Jo Partington, administrator for Catterick, Colburn and Richmond Community Libraries, said: “We are incredibly excited about this event and believe it will be both educational and enjoyable for all attendees.”

The exhibition runs throughout May.

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  1. Fossilized flowers are palaeontology or archaeobotany, not archaeology.

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