Rotarians litter pick at Aysgarth Falls

Volunteers from Wensleydale Rotary Club litter picking at Aysgarth Falls.

Wensleydale Rotarians volunteered to pick up litter at Aysgarth Falls after the busy Bank Holiday weekend.

The tourist hot-spot was still crowded with visitors as Rotarians picked up the previous days’ litter on Tuesday and took it away for disposal and recycling.

The Rotarians had been aided by supplies of equipment and bags from Richmondshire Council and received thanks and encouragement from visitors who they met.

The President elect of Wensleydale Rotary, Ray Wilkinson, said: “Rotary is about service and friendship worldwide, but to kick off our efforts now that restrictions are eased we decided to concentrate on an action which had a definite impact on our local environment.

“We chose Aysgarth Falls because it is one of the busiest and most famous attractions in Wensleydale.”