Rotary club collects unwanted mobility aids for charity

Members of Wensleydale Rotary Club have collected dozens of unwanted mobility aids for distribution in third world countries.

Dozens of items including wheelchairs, walking frames, supports, crutches and walking sticks were picked up by Physionet volunteers Peter and Graham Nicholson.

These will be shipped out to third world countries in one of Physionet’s monthly containers.

Physionet is a Yorkshire-based charity dedicated to saving mobility aids from going to landfill, and instead shipping them worldwide.

The effort was the culmination of a publicity campaign by Wensleydale Rotary.

Club president Ray Wilkinson said: “Wensleydale Rotary is committed to local charity fund raising, community service and involvement, especially promoting ethical and sustainable projects.

“Calling on the many decades of our members’ experience in Wensleydale, we bring a unique mix of local expertise and organising skill to our efforts.

“All are welcome to come along and see what our club does, and new ideas for our efforts are always welcome.”

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  1. Looks to me as if some of the items should of gone back to mediquip who have the contract for supplying these items in our area on behalf of the NHS. Unfortunately a lot of the said items are never returned be it people pass away and family not sure what to do with them or do not realise they should go back .The NHS is not a charity and I suppose this contributes to the deficit which the Trust has

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