Rotary club members contribute clothes to new charity bin

Pictured from left are David Spashett, President Ray Wilkinson, David Blakeley, Philip Oliver and Jenny Blakeley.

Wensleydale Rotary Club members have delivered used high quality clothes to a new Yorkshire Air Ambulance Charity recycling bin at the entrance to Leyburn Auction Mart last Saturday.

The charity is the major beneficiary of the club’s fundraising efforts, contributing to the £12,000 per day that it costs to keep the YAA’s two helicopters flying and delivering major trauma treatment in the most timely manner to patients across the region.

Club president Ray Wilkinson said: “Its really good to be able to contribute in such a direct way to our favourite charity, and we would hope that other people will come along with their unwanted clothes and donate them to this essential cause.

“We’d also like to thank everyone at Leyburn Auction Mart for making the space available to Yorkshire Air Ambulance.”