Saint Francis Xavier School to hold virtual open evening

Photo: Guy Carpenter.

Saint Francis Xavier School in Richmond is hosting a virtual information evening next week for prospective parents and their children to attend.

Headteacher Stuart McGhee said the school had decided o host an online event because it was not possible to host a traditional open evening doe to the pandemic.

He added: “We are delighted to provide you with a variety of resources for you to look at, listen to and watch in your own time.

“Through our website you will be able to access a welcome video, messages from our students and teachers answering frequently asked questions.

“There is also an opportunity to sign up and attend our live information event on Monday, September 21.

Photo: Guy Carpenter.

“We hope that these will give you a sense of what Saint Francis Xavier School is like. Although it is impossible to virtually recreate the unique communal and academic atmosphere which makes Saint Francis Xavier so special, we hope the information given here will help you in your choice of secondary school.”

The head added: “We are consistently amongst the top performing schools in the country for the progress all our students make.

“hese results are a reflection of a school environment where the values of love of God and love of neighbour are lived out in everyday interactions. At Saint Francis Xavier School every member of our school community treats each other with dignity and respect.

“Our excellent pastoral system provides a strong base for students’ academic and personal development.

“High expectations are the norm and students are well supported by a caring and highly aspirational staff. As individuals, students are encouraged to become the best version of themselves and we are immensely proud of our young people.”

More information can be found via the school’s website at