School set to reopen after water supply issues cause temporary closure

The Wensleydale School and Sixth Form.

The Wensleydale School is due to reopen on Monday after a two-day closure due to water supply issues.

The school has been shut yesterday and today after a problem with the supply was detected and contractors were brought in to fix the issue.

Head teacher Julia Polley says the age of the building and lack of funds to make repairs are an issue for the school.

In a message to parents, she said: “I have a series of meetings with North Yorkshire Council (NYC) today and will be raising my concerns, yet again, at the age of the building and the lack of capital available to upgrade and keep things going.

“I am sorry that this academic year we have been beset by buildings and flooding issues that have cost us 5 days of school time.

“I will continue to work hard to fight for more support financially from NYC.

“I am, as ever, very grateful for your support and patience.”