Schools take safety steps as injured pupil makes ‘good recovery’ after accident

The accident happened outside St Francis Xavier School.

A nine-year-old boy hit by a bus on Monday is making good recovery.

The progress update was given as two schools say they are taking steps to improve road safety at the start and end of the school day following the incident.

The boy was hit by a bus outside St Francis Xavier School, in Richmond, on Monday afternoon.

The pupil involved was from the neighbouring St Mary’s RC Primary School.

In a joint statement issued to Richmondshire Today, Stuart McGhee, headteacher at Saint Francis Xavier School and Katie Whitehead, headteacher at St Mary’s RC Primary School, said they always looked to learn from any incident or accident that impacted on their schools.

They added: “We routinely examine all aspects of safety and have taken a number of measures this week including reiterating road safety messages to pupils, having more staff in ‘hi- vis’ jackets directing pupils at the start and end of the school day, and we have also changed the arrangements for buses to ensure they are all in place earlier.

“We would like to thank the majority of parents and carers who have helped relieve congestion in the area this week by walking or parking elsewhere and to remind everyone to please use the turning circle and take note of the parking restrictions for safety reasons.

“We are continuing to support the whole school community and we are very pleased that the pupil injured is making a good recovery.”


  1. I would like to point out that the incident occurred within the SFX School Car/bus approach/grounds and NOT outside of the school!

  2. I would like to point out that the incident occurred within the school grounds (car park/coach park approach) and not outside SFX.

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