Scotch Corner services operator objects to plans for new service station at Catterick junction

An artist's impression of the proposed new services at Catterick.

The operator of Scotch Corner services has submitted an objection to plans for a new service station at the A1(M) Catterick junction.

Moto, which also owns Barton and Leeming Bar service areas as well as Scotch Corner, says the plans for a large motorway service next to Catterick Racecourse could damage the viability and impact on plans to upgrade its existing facilities.

The plans for the new Catterick junction services have been submitted by Moto’s rival Roadchef.

As well as shops, restaurants, toilets and a filling station, a 100-bed hotel and drive thru Costa and McDonald’s restaurants are proposed.

The development at Pallett Hill Farm would also feature charging points for electric vehicles, and an “amenity lake”.

Parking for 292 cars, with 15 disabled spaces, is proposed.

The company says the scheme will involve a £57 million initial investment which they say will contribute over £1 million per year to Richmondshire in business rates.

It adds that the development will create more than 300 permanent jobs, as well as numerous jobs during the construction phase.

But Tony Collins, from Collins and Coward Planning and Development Consultancy, on behalf of Moto, said his client believed the application should be refused.

He said Barton, Scotch Corner and Leeming Bar services were all within seven miles of the Catterick junction.

He pointed out that Barton was currently a truck stop but had the benefit of planning permission for redevelopment as a full motorway service area (MSA).

Scotch Corner was currently classified as a motorway rest area (MRA) and also operated as a trunk road service area for A66.

Leeming Bar currently operated as an motorway rest area, but also had planning permission for redevelopment as a full motorway service area.

Mr Collins said that whether or not the Leeming Site site was upgraded to a full MSA would partly depend on the outcome of an appeal for  new services near Boroughbridge and a current planning application by Moto for new services at Junction 50 near Ripon.

He added: “The potential for Barton or Barton/Scotch Corner to be developed as an MSA and for Leeming Bar to be either developed as an MSA or to continue to operate as an MRA has been largely overlooked in the information submitted in support of the Catterick MSA proposal, including in the socio-economic assessment in the environmental statement.”

He added that the applicant for the Catterick junction proposal stated although there was no set minimum distance between MSAs, at present investors and operators would not generally locate within 12 miles of an existing MSA facility for commercial viability

Mr Collins added: “In other words, the applicant’s view is that to develop a new MSA within 12 miles of existing service facilities is
likely to undermine the viability of either or both of the existing and proposed facilities

“If the applicant is right in its contention that there are viability implications where a new MSA is developed within 12 miles of existing facilities, the development of a new MSA at Catterick is likely to have commercial implications for the existing facilities at Barton and Scotch Corner and for the decision facing Moto on whether or not to invest in the completion of the MSA development at Barton or the co-signing option at Barton/Scotch Corner.”

The application does have support however from Catterick Village Parish Council, with councillors saying they would welcome the increase in job opportunities.

Plans for the Catterick services have recently been resubmitted with plans for a cycle path running between the edge of Catterick Village to the proposed service station.

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  1. With the ludicrously high charges for fuel at scotch corner services they need a bit of competition its tantamount to highway robbery !

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