Scotton streetlights to remain out over winter

Photo: Sheffield Tiger/Flickr.

Community leaders have urged engineers to fix streetlights in Scotton which have been out for two years.

They say the fault on Beadle Road in Scotton has left local children having to cross a busy road in the dark.

The issue has been raised with the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) which is responsible for the street lights.

A DIO spokesperson said they were aware of the ongoing problems which were caused by a cable failure.

They added: “This cable cannot be repaired and must be replaced with at least a mile of new underground cabling.

“This will be a major project which takes time to prepare.

“We expect to finish the work by spring 2020.”

DIO said the work was taking time because of the preparations needed before work can start, including surveying the area, designing and planning the work and tendering for a contractor.

Scotton Parish Council, together with county councillor Helen Grant and district councillor Pat Middlemiss have been urging the DIO to complete the work as soon as possible.

Cllr Grant said: “Two years down the line they are still out and likely to continue to be so.

“The children, more specifically service children, are having to cross a dangerous road which is pitch black.

“Residents are rightly angry.”