SFX eco-warriors create lasting legacy

A force of eco-warriors based at St Francis Xavier School in Richmond have outlined their achievements and plans for the future.

The team, which was formed three years ago, gave a presentation to the school and local community supporters last month.

They have already achieved the Green Flag award, lobbied MP Rishi Sunak and are due to visit the headquarters of the Guardian newspaper in London after challenging them on their use of single use plastics.

“I really appreciate the support from key members in our local community”, said Margaret Land, the founder of the eco-team at the school.

“It is a validation of the student’s efforts and allows them to see the positive impact their work has on the community as a whole.

“This can only lead to an increased awareness of environmental issues and an understanding that small changes can make a big difference.”

The team has started an ambitious planting scheme, encouraged wildlife in the school grounds through feeders and the building of hedgehog boxes, as well as reducing waste and litter to help nature flourish.

Now they hope to go a step further, introducing wild flower verges to further promote the local wildlife.

With the support of the vicar they will trial a wildflower meadow at St Mary’s Church and use this pilot scheme to demonstrate to the positive impact it can have to the wider community with the hope of finding more sites to develop the scheme around the town.

“The group is impressive so supporting them didn’t take a second thought,” said Councilor Stuart Parson who has supported the group and given them access to £2,000 from the NYCC Law Locality Budget to support their endeavours.

“The students are excellent. It is a joy to have people who are so committed and willing to take action and have a positive impact on their environment.”



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