SFX to stage Shakespeare’s Hamlet

Remy Butcher in rehearsal as Hamlet.

Saint Francis Xavier School will present Hamlet by William Shakespeare this week.

The show will run on Thursday and Friday at 7pm in the school hall.

When Hamlet is visited by his father’s ghost, with a plea to seek revenge for his unlawful death, the Prince of Denmark sets out on a mission to kill his guilty Uncle Claudius.

To add further to Hamlet’s woes, Claudius has married Hamlet’s mother and the play speaks of Hamlet’s feelings of betrayal as well as his personal battles with indecisiveness, which will prove fatal for all involved.

This version has been abridged by head of drama, Miss Smith, who has been careful to remain true to the original plot and ensure none of the most recognised lines have been omitted.

The production also features choreography by the school dance teacher, Miss Knight.

Miss Smith said: “I knew Hamlet would prove ambitious, both for myself and the pupils, but I am delighted with the way they have tackled this challenge and it is really lovely to hear them speak Shakespeare’s famous lines so eloquently and with enthusiasm.”

Hamlet is played by Y10 pupil, Remy Butcher, and the show features a cast of over 30 pupils aged 11 to 16.

Tickets are available through the school’s ParentPay for those with accounts and will also be available on the door at each performance for £5.