Shoplifted jailed after targeting Catterick Garrison supermarket

York Magistrates' Court.

A shoplifter who targeted a supermarket in Catterick Garrison has been jailed for his crimes.

David Joynes, 45, of no fixed address, was stopped and searched on the evening of Sunday 12 November by the local Neighbourhood Policing Team.

He was found with £458 of stolen cosmetics from a nearby shop.

He was charged with shoplifting, as well as a theft in Darlington, and remanded in custody.

He appeared at York Magistrates’ Court yesterday, where he pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to 12 weeks in jail.

A spokesperson for North Yorkshire Police said: 2Stealing from shops is far from a victimless crime – it puts workers in fear, and could result in higher prices for the law-abiding majority. Anyone caught shoplifting in our area should expect to be dealt with robustly.”

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  1. Theft is wrong, but being homeless in North Yorkshire in winter must be very difficult too with the associated issues that creates , I hope they are safe in prison and get help they may need

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