Signal restored to TV viewers in Richmond area

Bilsdale transmitter before the fire. Photo: Martin Dawes/Wikipedia.

TV viewers in the Richmond area may find their signal has been partially restored, engineers say.

Efforts are ongoing to restore television and radio signals following the fire at the Bilsdale transmitter last week.

Areas of Teesside have now had their signal restored and engineers say viewers in some parts of Richmondshire should find some channels have returned.

In an update issued yesterday, TV provider Freeview said engineers had been able to restore some signal to hundreds of thousands of homes across the region by installing a temporary transmitter tower at Eston Nab near Middlesbrough.

“This has now been upgraded, and from August 19 more areas are able to receive a signal from Eston Nab,” a spokesperson added.

Viewers in and around Richmond, as well as Darlington and Barnard Castle have been advised to switch on their TV to see some channels had returned if they have not retuned since they lost reception.

“If you have retuned in the last week, please repeat the retune to see whether some channels return.

“If they don’t return or if you have no channels despite not retuning since losing reception, then please wait while additional work is carried out to improve the signal.”

The company said further work was underway to improve coverage to these areas, as well as Leyburn and Catterick areas, which may be complete this week.

The company said it would provide further updates shortly.

It added that unfortunately, it was unlikely that people living in other areas would be able to receive a signal until some point before August 28.

The spokesperson added: “However, we are aware that some viewers have been able to watch some channels by carrying out an automatic retune.

“We would only recommend doing this if you are comfortable with how to do it from the instructional video.

“Please be advised that if you do retune now, you would need to retune again when the Bilsdale temporary transmitter comes online.

“For those viewers not comfortable with doing an automatic retune and who have not retuned at all since the fire, the plan to restart transmitting from Bilsdale involves channels returning without the need for an automatic retune.”




  1. all you need is a tall mobile crane stick dish /receiver on end of jib leave it there till rest sorted problem solved sorry i am retired farmer dont have brains—-going on longer than covid

  2. I think the mast needs to be completely rebuilt so it gives out a stronger signal than previous. That way at least some good will have come out of this occurrence. Appreciate that it is a mega job that will take time.

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