Signals return for some after Bilsdale fire — but not those in Richmondshire yet

Bilsdale transmitter before the fire. Photo: Martin Dawes/Wikipedia.

The television and radio signal has been restored for some households following the fire at the Bilsdale transmitter on Tuesday.

However, services are still down for the majority of residents in North Yorkshire, including Richmondshire.

Arquiva, which owns the transmitter, said last night: “The task to reinstate all the services available from a 1,000ft mast is complex and we are working hard to get services back up as quickly as we can.

“As of 1900hrs we have been able to provide some TV and BBC Radio Tees services for hundreds of thousands of people.

“The process is a gradual one.

“We apologise for the inconvenience but ask that you bear with us as our teams work hard to deliver solutions for as many people as possible as quickly and safely as we can.”

A spokesperson for Freeview said: “Engineers are working to restore services as quickly and safely as possible following the fire at Bilsdale transmitter.

“Some viewers in Hartlepool, Redcar and the eastern edges of Middlesbrough may start to see some channels return. You may need to retune your TV to restore channels.

“To find out how to do this, watch our handy retune videos.

“For affected viewers outside these areas, we advise not to retune your device at this time.

“You can continue to watch Freeview live and on-demand on many Freeview Play TVs, or one that has channel players available to view (such as BBC iPlayerITV Hub or All 4.)

“Alternatively, you can watch Freeview via our mobile app which is available to download for free from your app store or on a web browser via our online TV Guide. See more on these options in our article on how to watch Freeview online.

“We appreciate your patience as we work with our partners to resolve this issue as quickly and safely as possible.”

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service are still trying to decide the cause of the blaze.

A spokesperson said: “At this time there is nothing to suggest that the first is the result of any criminal activity but this cannot be confirmed until a closer examination has been carried out.

“We continue to work with the site operator Arqiva to ensure the safely of all those involved in the investigation operation.”


  1. Note from Richmond you might be able to get a decent signal from Pontop Pike if you rotate the aerial

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