Sisters bring joy to self-isolators with daffodil delivery

Lucy Walls, 11, and eight-year-old sister Katie.

Two sisters have brought a ray of sunshine to a village where many of the residents are elderly and self-isolating to avoid catching the coronavirus.

Lucy Walls, 11, and eight-year-old sister Katie left bunches of daffodils on every doorstep in their village.

The girls live in Castle Bolton where many of the residents are elderly and are avoiding contact to avoid the risk of catching the deadly disease.

The sisters got the idea after watching mum Vicky Harper pick some flowers to take to the pub where she works.

With the help of their mum, the girls wrote a note which was attached to each bunch.

The note said: “At this uncertain time in our life we have decided with no school we would add a little smile to your home with a little bunch of sunshine. Keep safe from the children at Wyncove house.”

Lucy said: “We wanted to make people happy because they’re sad about the coronavirus”

Sister Katie added: “We wanted them to be happy because at the moment they’re unhappy.”

The girls spent several hours the previous day picking the flowers, tying them in bunches and writing the note.

They then delivered them in the morning and left them on the doorstep for villagers to find when they opened their front door.

One of the bunches which was left on a doorstep in Castle Bolton.

Castle Bolton pensioner Anne Spensley received some flowers on her doorstep.

She said: “The whole village has been overwhelmed.

“It’s just a such a lovely gesture.”

The family’s landlord, 91-year-old Albert Calvert, from Leyburn, also received some flowers.

He said: “It’s such a wonderful thing to do.”