Six-year-old organises chocolate gift collection for sick children

A Catterick Garrison six-year-old has organised a collection of chocolate selection boxes to be given to children in hospital over Christmas.

The appeal was initiated by Kelsey Mackay.

Mum Kirsty said her daughter decided she wanted to do something kind.

“She said that mummy works in the hospital and deals with poorly people.

“She asked if children get poorly over Christmas. I said that unfortunately yes they do so she said that she wanted to make the children smile when they were poorly or hurt.”

So far Kelsey has received more than 250 selection boxes which will be delivered to Darlington Memorial Hospital on December 23.

Kelsey attends Hipswell Church of England Primary School.

Headteacher Jon Sykes said the youngster had displayed “unbelievable initiative and kindness”.

She has organised a successful charity mission to ask for donations in order to buy selection boxes for children attending the accident and emergency department at Darlington Memorial Hospital over the Christmas period.