Sixteen people die of Covid-19 in Richmondshire, new figures show

At least 16 people have now died of Covid-19 in Richmondshire with more than 100 confirmed cases of the virus, new figures show.

Data published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has for the first time revealed how many people have lost their lives due to the virus in the district.

Previously, data was published for North Yorkshire, but not broken down by district authority.

Public Heath England data now also reveals how many confirmed cases there were in local areas.

The statistics show that up until April 24:

  • Fourteen people from the district died in hospital from Covid-19
  • One person died in a care home
  • One person died at home

The data includes all deaths, where Covid-19 was mentioned on the death certificate, that occurred up to April 24 but were registered up to May 2.

Of the 16 deaths of Richmondshire residents, all occurred after March 29, according to the data.

The ONS statistics show that since the start of the year 220 Richmondshire people died from all causes.

Since March 29, 58 have died in total.

The latest figures from Public Health England also show there have been 119 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Richmondshire so far — giving a rate of 223.5 cases per 100,000 people.

To view the ONS data click here. [kofi]



  1. Richmond itself is a very bad spot for not self-isolating. It can be as if that aspect of life doesn’t exist and its difficult often to get out without being in close proximity to others because of it. Its time maybe for a wake-up call and for police to get into the town areas and stop this instead of looking for the odd car parked up country lanes where people might just want to escape those kind of situations .

  2. I know of at least one couple not social distancing between Wensleydale and Swaledale – obviously Government advice doesn’t apply to them

  3. Sorry, the above comment was in reference to social- distancing in the town of Richmond

  4. The market on Saturday morning was a total joke, If people realise how bad it is they would think twice and stick to the rules.
    I’ve had the virus for 15 days it’s no picnic.

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