Skydive will help pay for charity’s horse insurance bill

Arnie and Jo.

a volunteer and coach-in-training for Richmond & Catterick Group Riding for the Disabled (RDA) is to skydive to raise money for the charity.

Funds raised by Jo Cook will help pay for the annual insurance of Arnie, one of the two RDA horses owned by the group.

As the insurance is £1,000 per annum, Jo, from Darlington, has set this as her personal target ahead of the jump on August 6.

The charity relies entirely on donations and funds to cover running costs.

Jo said: “I come from a care background. I am a keen rider myself and I wanted to give something back to this group.

“As one of the volunteers, I feel very much part of the family and it is wonderful to see the disabled riders progress, enhancing their lives by improving their confidence, mobility and skills.”

If you can help Jo to reach her target, please donate at