“Sky’s the limit” for young Ukrainian footballer who escaped captured city

Kostya Kravtsov.

Coaches say the “sky’s the limit” for a young Ukrainian footballer who arrived in the UK after escaping the siege of his home city of Mariupol.

Nine-year-old Kostya Kravtsov arrived in the UK with his family after they fled the war in Ukraine, escaping from Mariupol when Russian forces encircled the city.

The youngster, who attends Masham Primary School, played for the Mariupol Football Academy and joined Richmondshire Pro-Player U9s after arriving in the UK.

Paul Robson, who leads the club’s U9s, said the player was “an absolute pleasure to coach”.

“Kostya came from Ukraine into the team and as a coach you could tell the talent was there straight away.

“He is a determined individual and a really popular figure in the group, a big leader of the team.

“He has progressed more and more, and the sky is the limit.”

Paul said Kostya was also a kind and caring boy off the pitch.

“He’s the first to put his arm round somebody if they’ve made a mistake.

“He’s a great kid and he will go very far in anything he does. Keep working hard Kostya, you deserve everything you get.”

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  1. Thanks for featuring Kostya. His mother was delighted to see the article and says it’s giving Kostya and his family a real boost. Thank you too to everyone who has supported and befriended him, especially the football coaches.

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