Social enterprise founder receives award from Prime Minister

Group Hug founder Jonathan Greenwood with Vina.

The founder of a Dales social enterprise currently developing a mental health app has received Prime Minister Boris Johnston’s daily Point of Light award.

Jonathan Greenwood founded Group Hug and becomes the 1,597th person to receive the award.

In a personal letter to Jonathan, Boris Johnson said: “I was inspired to hear about how you have used your software skills to develop the ‘Group Hug’ app. At a time when people are unable to hug their loved ones physically, it is wonderful that you are holding them together in the digital world.

“You have created a supportive space for individuals to talk informally with volunteers about their mental health concerns. It is more important than ever that people feel able to speak out and connect with others.

“On top of this, you have found time to deliver over 1,800 bags of treats to those in need and to those serving on the front line. You are a true Point of Light in your community.

“On behalf of the whole country, thank you, and congratulations on becoming the UK’s 1,597th Point of Light.”

Jonathan said it was a privilege to head up a project like Group Hug and encourage the support from many people via volunteering.

He added: “Group Hug is a social enterprise, powered by volunteers and here to free your mind.

“To receive this award and become a Point of Light, it builds on the foundation of my aim to give light to many people by freeing their mind, whilst recognising the efforts required to produce such a project.

“I’m honoured and thank you Prime Minister, I look forward to sharing the launch of Group Hug app later this year.”

The social enterprise has engaged with more than 80 businesses to help raise funds to support the launch of a mental health-boosting app

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The Prime Minister’s daily Points of Light award recognises outstanding individual volunteers, people who are making a change in their community and inspiring others. Each day, someone, somewhere in the country is selected to receive the award to celebrate their remarkable achievements.

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  1. Fantastic news for Jonathan, who alongside a band of volunteers, has shown leadership during the pandemic and has brought joy and hope to so many.⁷

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