Sofa dumped and set on fire on Dales moor

A fly-tipped rubbish fire on Grinton Moor. Photo: AL Pyrah.

A sofa was among the rubbish dumped on a Yorkshire Dales moorland and set alight.

The fire on Grinton Moor, between Redmire and Reeth, is the second incident on fly-tipping being set alight in the Dales this week after a similar blaze above Marske in Swaledale earlier in the week.

The fire was found on Wednesday morning by Annette Pyrah, from York-based Wildlife Orphanage and Hedgehog Rescue, who was working in the area.

As well as the remains of a sofa, there was also paint tins and other rubbish.

She added: “Unbelievably the rubbish had been set alight and open flames were perilously close to the tinder dry heather.

“There was a stiff breeze blowing and I was afraid that the moorland would catch light, so dialled 999.

“The fire brigade attended within minutes and the fire was put out. I cannot praise them enough.”

Annette added: “Ground nesting birds are everywhere on the moorland at this time of year, many with chicks which would have perished if this fire had caught hold.

“There are also sheep with lambs at foot. It’s hard to imagine the mentality of someone who sets fire to household rubbish on a grousemoor and leaves it burning.

“It probably happened during the night as it was still alight at 7am.”

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service said a crew from Reeth attended the incident after receiving the call to a fire involving domestic rubbish and furniture. [kofi]

Please find attached an image of the fire which you may use if you wish to highlight the dangers of open fires/burning rubbish on Grouse Moors and the danger to our precious wildlife.