Sofas dumped between Catterick Garrison and Leyburn

Several sofas have been dumped beside the road between Catterick Garrison and Leyburn.

They were left this week in a lay-by near Half Penny House on the Tank Road.

Richmondshire District Council says it treats the problem of fly-tipping very seriously and will prosecute anyone caught dumping waste illegally.

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The offence carries a fine of up to £50,000 or an offender can be sent to prison.

The person controlling the use of the vehicle can also be prosecuted, which means that it is possible for a prosecution to occur when only the vehicle, not the driver, is identifiable.

The producer of the waste can also be prosecuted if waste is discovered flytipped and no steps have been taken to determine if the waste carrier was licenced.

If you have information on this incident contact the council  on 01748 829100 or email