Spaniel called Gwen rescued from 20ft pothole

Photo: Swaledale Mountain Rescue Team.

A dog has been rescued after spending the night stuck 20ft down a pothole.

Gwen the spaniel disappeared on a walk near Nappa Scar, Askrigg, last night.

Her owner searched until it got dark and then returned at 6am this morning, when they found the dog down the pothole.

The owner called police asked for help from the Swaledale Mountain Rescue Team (SMRT).

Two of the team’s cavers descended into the hole and a surface hauling team returned the dog safe and well to its owner.

Emmy Hoyes, one of the SMRT volunteers called in to help, said: “The dog was just there and then it wasn’t. The owner looked everywhere until it was too dark.

“The potholes were hidden in bracken. The opening was just 2ft across if that, there were several of them.

“When the owner returned this morning to the area they had last seen the dog they heard whimpering from one of the holes.”

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