Speed limit campaigners urge investment in 20mph limits

Campaigners have urged county council bosses to spend £1m introducing 20mph speed limits across North Yorkshire.

Pam Fawcett, 79, from Bellerby, delivered a postcard asking for the investment.

The move was inspired by an announcement that the Welsh Government was committing £32m to lowering the speed limits in built-up areas there.

Mrs Fawcett, 79, delivered the message as a representatives of the 20 Is Plenty for North Yorkshire group.

She said: “I’ve lived in the village nearly all my life. The traffic now is terrible.

“A car has crashed through my wall twice, and my neighbours car was hit so hard it was pushed into my garden.

“I’m afraid to try and cross the road because of speeding cars, they take no notice of an old woman with a walking stick.

“I can’t even collect my pension from the Post Office van myself, I have to rely on other people.

“I fear for my grandchildren when they have to cross the road to get the school bus. It’s time the council did something about it before somebody gets killed.”

From left, Ian Conlan, Mayor of Malton, and Pam Fawcett delivers the card to North Yorkshire County Council’s Daniel Harry.

Cllr Ian Conlan, Mayor of Malton, who is the North Yorkshire coordinator for the 20 Is Plenty campaign, said: “Mrs Fawcett’s story is not an isolated case.

“There are people like her in every community in the county.

“We are calling on the North Yorkshire Council executive to show some real leadership and make this modest investment and introduce default 20 mph to protect our communities.

“At a time when there are a number of crises’, the measure will tick a number of boxes, including lower carbon emissions, less wear and tear on our roads, less wear and tear on our vehicles, better fuel efficiency and most importantly, help reduce the counties stubbornly high killed or seriously injured rate, which in turn will reduce costs on our emergency services, health service, and local economy.”

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