Speed orienteering event to take place at Kiplin Hall

A family enjoys speed orienteering.

Adventurous visitors can try speed orienteering as Kiplin Hall and Gardens later this month.

The event, run by Cleveland Orienteering Klub (CLOK), will take place on Saturday, October 26.

It will be the first in this year’s CLOK autumn short race series which tests the navigation skills of participants as well as their ability to move quickly over changing terrain.

Organiser Marion Archer describes how these events take place.

“An orienteering race involves participants collecting a specially designed map of the course which is marked out with the control points that they must find along the way.

“Unlike a normal running race, participants set off at staggered start times when they are ready, so they each do their own navigation and do not follow others. Competitors are timed at the finish.

“The winner is the person who completes the course in the shortest time but competing is as important as winning.

“These events are great fun and are a wonderful way for people to try orienteering for the first time as well as getting some exercise. There are three courses at Kiplin, a short, medium and long route, so individuals, couples and families with children can be helped to choose the course that best suits them.

“As well as practicing navigation skills participants will also get to enjoy the views and environment on the route while taking in the woodland and parkland on the Kiplin Estate.”

Participants in the orienteering event can also enjoy the tearoom facilities at Kiplin Hall as well as purchase tickets to enjoy the historic house and the rest of the grounds.

Newcomers to orienteering are welcome, help and advice will be available on the day. Registration for the event is 9.30am to 10.30 am and the courses close at 11.30am.

Fees are £4 adults, £1.50 juniors and first-timers. For more information on this event visit http://www.clok.org.uk

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