Spidy the spider’s incredible adventures big hit at Richmond attraction

Sue Dewhurst with the cartoon book featuring the adventures of Spidy.

The adventures of Spidy the spider are being told by visitors from around the world to The Station in Richmond.

The cartoon relay book was started by artist and The Station shop manager Sue Dewhurst.

Visitors are invited to draw a cartoon in the book to carry on the story of Spidy and his adventures.

This story continues after the adverts:

Sue said: “We thought it would be a good way to get people interacting and thinking about art.”

So far, Spidy has got a girlfriend, died several times – including once when he  was eaten by a mouse with dipping sauce – and has gone on holiday in a bunch of bananas.

He has also learnt to salsa dance.

To find out more about Spidy’s adventures visit the shop at The Station or click here.