Sports Direct store no longer closing down

The Sports Direct store in Catterick Garrison.

The Sports Direct store in Catterick Garrison is no longer set to close, staff have confirmed.

The shop held a closing down which lasted several weeks with employees telling customers the store was closing because of a dispute over rent.

It was due to shut last week, but has remained opened and has been restocked.

The company has not responded to a request to comment but a member of staff confirmed the store would now be remaining open.

Staff have told customers the store is closing due to a disagreement over rent, with some shoppers being advised the rent was set to increase.

Property consultants Mason Owen, which represent the owners of the retail park, previously said claims the landlords had wanted to increase the rent were incorrect.

The company said Sports Direct had a break clause in the original lease that was granted to them when they took the unit in 2015.

It added that the tenants choose to operate this break clause in February this year and that the owners had been in negotiations with them for some time, and has offered a reduction in the rent that they were paying.