Spy theme for Reeth holiday Bible club

Fun at a previous Bible club.

This year’s Holiday Bible Club at Reeth Evangelical Congregational church runs from Monday to Friday, July 30 to August 3 and combines a spy theme Mission Rescue with stories from the life of Moses.

Morning sessions for children of primary school age or those about to start in September are from 10am to noon and include crafts, games, songs and Bible stories.

On one day there is also a picnic lunch followed by games on the Athletics Ground and on Friday there is a family fun evening with games for all the family and a chance for parents and friends to see what the children have been learning during the week.

Children and young people on holiday in the area are very welcome to join in the sessions.

There is no charge for any of the activities.  For further details phone 01748 – 884091, text 07582 575815 or email: dmlevell@btinternet.com