St Mary’s Church in Richmond set to be illuminated at night

An image of how St Mary's Church would look when illuminated which was submitted with the application.

Plans have been submitted to illuminate St Mary’s Church in Richmond at night.

Church leaders have submitted a planning application to Richmondshire District Council for the work.

The church wants to install one 70 watt LED light immediately adjacent to the south wall of the
church tower to illuminate the tower and a further 70 watt LED light adjacent to the
south wall of the church to illuminate the south wall.

A statement submitted with the application states: “The church is set back from the road and at night is dark and inhospitable.

“Historically, it is second only in significance to Richmond Castle which is illuminated.

“People are often reluctant to attend church services or community events at night because of the darkness and many are unaware even of its presence.

“Illuminating this historic building would be an attraction and add to its presence in the town.

“The floodlights would be linked to a time switch in the church which could be programmed to switch off at 11pm.

“A one-off trial run showed there was no significant light spill onto adjacent buildings nor above the top of the tower there would be no issue with Dark Sky policies.”

For more details on the application click here.


  1. No! With the rising costs of electricity, this seems totally inappropriate. Perhaps the church could donate the money it would cost towards the electricity bills of some of their more needy parishioners?
    I sincerely hope this gets refused.

  2. I’m sure the lighting will be divine. The church of course has plenty of cssh to pay for the soaring energy bill.

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