The Station and Richmond School work together on 2018 calendars

A photo by Richmond School pupil Becky Potts taken as part of the project.

The Station in Richmond has collaborated with Richmond School to produce 2018 calendars.

The calendar is the result of a successful Autumn exhibition involving the school, which displayed Year 10 students’ photographs of interesting and unique views of The Station building.

The students exhibited their work from September  to October this year and received acclaim from visitors for their talent and ability to capture the building in ways that have not been seen before, said Jemma Holliday, from The Station.

21 students were involved altogether, 13 of which were selected to have their pictures included in the calendar.

A photo by Jack Elliot-Smith taken as part of the project.

The final images were chosen by photographer Fraser Wright and callery co-ordinator Thea Treweek.

Thea said: “We are so proud to have collaborated with Richmond School students for 10@10, in this, our tenth birthday year.

“To have produced a calendar too is the icing on the cake! If you are looking for a truly unique gift, this calendar is the perfect choice.”

Calendars can be purchased from The Station at a cost of £10.

Proceeds will go back into supporting Richmond School and the running of The Station building.