Stewards to be brought in to prevent anti-social behaviour at Richmond falls

People at the falls in May. Photo: Nigel Galbraith.

Stewards will be used to prevent large gatherings at a Richmond beauty spot, council officials have announced. 

They will be brought in this weekend to marshall activity at Richmond falls, which was blighted by anti-social behaviour over the Bank Holiday weekend.

Police confirmed today that a 29-year-old man, from Staffordshire, will appear in court in July charged with assaulting a police officer, obstructing a police officer and using threatening words and behaviour after a disturbance at the falls on the Monday.

A 30-year-man from Catterick Garrison was issued with a penalty notice for disorder.

In a separate incident another man was fined for refusing to move his car which was causing an obstruction.

The stewards will restrict access to the falls by groups of young people and anyone who is suspectedseen to be of carrying alcohol with them.

Officials say they will also prevent large gatherings of young people and ensure the area is available to enjoy for local residents and their families.

A task group made up of representatives from Richmondshire District Council, North Yorkshire Police and councillors from both the district and county council this afternoon agreed to the short term solution to the issue.

The council said they would continue to meet to look for a long term solution.

“We have received many, many representations from local people about the totally unacceptable behaviour witnessed at the falls over the last two weekends” said Councillor Helen Grant, deputy leader of Richmondshire District Council and lead on community safety.

“We have listened to those community views and we are taking immediate action to make the falls available to everyone.

“Anyone who is seen to have alcohol with them – and any large groups of young people – will be refused access to the area.

“We will not tolerate the behaviour we saw from these people – we are working to protect our beauty spot for local residents and visitors who want to treat it with respect, not as a party spot.”

She said the situation will be reviewed after this weekend’s action.

A police spokesperson said: “Officers are reminding visitors that although we have limited powers under the coronavirus regulations, our normal police powers have not changed and we won’t hesitate to use them if we have to.”


  1. Why dont you go down there tonight it’s the same as the other day large crowds there drinking and partying

    • What use will stewards be?The idiots won’t listen to the police so they sure arnt going to listen to the stewards,if their anything like they have at football games they’ll be quaking in their boots.An exclusion zone needs to be set up before the people even get anywhere near the falls,then bags etc can be searched for alcohol,drugs & all points of entry need to be manned at all times.Would you like me to organise it all for you?

  2. It’s about time our paid representatives woke up. The police habe all the powers they need. These people have broken all our bylaws and quite a few laws of the land; it should not have happened twice

  3. It needs a more permanent solution – fence it all off. Stewards will be little or no use if the police can’t manage it.

  4. I am sorry but these sort of people don’t understand the softly softly approach. The message will not get home until a handful of offenders are hit with hefty fines for public order offences.

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