Stop 5G campaigners deliver leaflets in Richmondshire

A mobile phone mast. Photo: Richard Leonard.

Leaflets calling for a halt to the roll out of 5G have been distributed in Richmondshire.

The leaflets warn that although it is claimed the technology is safe, “an emergency body of scientific evidence is showing this not to be the case”.

“All manner of deleterious health effects are noted,” it is claimed.

5G critics claim the technology generates radiation that can damage DNA and lead to cancer, cause premature ageing, disrupt cell metabolism and potentially lead to other diseases through the generation of stress proteins.

The publication has been distributed after North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) said rural communities with little or no little or no mobile phone coverage in Richmondshire were being considered to take part in a Government 5G technology trial.

The sparsely populated areas identified as likely to take part included Swaledale and the north end of Coverdale.

NYCC has secured £4.5m of government funding to explore how the technology could benefit rural communities.

A further £2m is being added by the industry partners.

Announcing the trial earlier this year, North Yorkshire County Council’s executive member for access Don Mackenzie said 5G would open up a huge range of opportunities in the county, such as enabling more businesses to function well in rural areas and rather than being harmful it would boost residents’ health with the wider use of remote health services.

He added: “Members will be aware that there has been public concern with the health hazards associated with 5G networks.

“We saw the same concerns when mobile phones first came out 25 years ago, equal concerns expressed at 2G, 3G and 4G and again at 5G. There is absolutely no evidence that 5G networks are harmful.”

But the leaflets claim the councillor is wrong.

It adds: “Now that NYCC has secured six million pounds to roll our a 5G testbed in North Yorkshire, we can expect their stated plan to start with such places as Reeth, Hudswell, Marske, Grinton, Muker, north Coverdale, Leyburn, Middleham and Harmby to be implemented any time now.

“If you live and/op work in one of those areas, it could be you, your children, your colleagues, friends and families who are adversley impacted soonest.”

Public Health England said last year that there had been a large amount of research conducted in recent decades on the impact to health of exposure to radio waves, although they admitted there had been less research on the effects of new 5G technology.

They added: “It is possible that there may be a small increase in overall exposure to radio waves when 5G is added to an existing network or in a new area. However, the overall exposure is expected to remain low relative to guidelines and, as such, there should be no consequences for public health.

“PHE is committed to monitoring the evidence applicable to this and other radio technologies, and to revising its advice, should that be necessary.”

For more details on the Government’s position on the technology click here.


  1. Just let the brainless sods come to my house … they’ll get a right earful!

    • It’s very sad that people who have genuine concerns are called ‘brainless sods’ Just because they are saying something that some people don’t want to hear. There is scientific evidence, lots of it. There was about tobacco in the 1930s when tobacco company’s were trying to isolate the compound in tobacco that caused cancer they discovered that they all did so they stopped looking. It was the 80’s before the Mr Average found out the dangers. Ask anyone suffering from lung cancer if they would have smoked if they had known back then when they started that they would likely have lung cancer or any other of the lung diseases caused by smoking. I might point out that the telecom industry admitted in February 2019 in a senate hearing the three has been NO testing done on 5g ad none planned. Let’s be sensible and apply caution. Let’s have INDEPENDENT studies done before vast numbers of people are experimented on.

    • I don’t think it’s brainless..I wish i had a leaflet. I’ve looked into it a bit because I’m worried re my childrens future. I’m not bothered about any quick fix for now..lets get things worked out in a sensible way

    • My Husband is a member of North Yorkshire NoTo5G. They are an environmental group trying to raise discussion for everybody, because we don.t have a say in what’s happening. Well no ones asked me! I do know that the press are not an advocate for truth and neither are PHE and ICNIRP the groups that set safety standards. They are comprised of members from the industry. Are you aware that a US company are launching over 34.000 satellites as part of 5G? These will light up and destroy our night sky. No more star gazing. I don’t want this just so I can make a phone call. I’m getting rid of my mobile soon. Ralph didn’t realise what is happening until he became unwell and discovered it was an electrical problem, We don’t have WiFi or smart anything now.

    • In response to Bryn Roberts comment, just love the mirror remark of ‘brainless sods’ of someone who’s response is an uneducated unresearched comment based on an emotional reaction of what one feels, proving an intelligent discussion based on scientific well researched papers delivered by scientists and doctors may well be wasted on some…

    • Haha. When anyone points the finger there are three fingers pointing back at them! Asbestos and DDT were sold as ‘must haves’! Even an ad proclaiming that these mild smooth cigarettes are the ones pregnant woment crave!!

      Thing is… there is NO trial proving that 5g is safe. One simply has to ask why…. which they are. It’s a no brainer. Oh the irony!!

  2. Now, now people dont let a little thing like radiation and silly ill health stand in the way of such wonderful benefits as ?????? err ???? REMOTE health services (just what we need) You will be able to talk to a call centre while doctors and hospitals are closed down!!! (been there done that)or have a remote alien advise you how to trim your feet nicely microwaved at the same time!!!!! The guy dosnt even know the risks and hazards its all “maybes”. Is it Brown Envelope time again????

  3. Don Mackenzie is right when he says 5G would open up a huge range of opportunities in the county….most of which could be done more safely, wired.
    If he is not concerned about the well researched studies evidencing serious health impacts of electro-magnetic radiation, particularly on children, maybe the similarly well researched studies over the last decade, evidencing the disastrous impact on animals, flora and fauna within 200 meters of cell phone towers, might just touch his heart. Daniel Favre’s research in Switzerland discovered that if you put a mobile phone at the entrance to a bee-hive, the bees become confused and disoriented. They even warn each other not to go back to the hive. There can’t be anyone who has not noticed the massive decrease in bugs, birds and pollinators over the last few years, as mobile phone use has increased exponentially. I’ll leave you to imagine how this situation will be exacerbated by 5g and the Internet of Things. Without bees, we have no food. Let’s do what we can to improve wired internet connection – yes more expensive in the short-term, but maybe our very survival will be thus served.

  4. “The Head Of Office, Mr. Markus Zaiser reports that the Municipal Council of Flattach, Austria, at its meeting of 9 July 2020, decided by a majority vote:

    That, in order to protect the population, as well as the animal and plant world from harmful wireless radiation, the broadband provision for fast Internet in the municipality of Flattach is to be carried out by means of a fibre-optic cable network, including the existing copper lines of the old fixed network, as was the agreed target in the Broadband Strategy 2020, and not by means of harmful 5G wireless technology.” Will we get left behind by this new wave of sensible reaction to the 5g threat to our very survival?

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