Street party planned in Hawes for jubilee

There will be a street party to which all are welcome at Pennygarth car park from 2pm on Saturday, June 4 to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, Cllr Jill McMullon informed Hawes and High Abbotside Parish Council.

She said she had held two meetings in the parish to discuss the celebrations and that the owners of the car park had given their permission for it to be used. Gazebos will be erected in case of bad weather.

The councillors were told that music will be provided by Alison Wade and there will be face painting for children.

The grant application will be co-ordinated by the Market Hall Trustees.

It will be a simple party as it would have been in the early days of the Queen’s reign.

Sandwiches will be prepared by volunteers and guests will be invited to bring along cake, Cllr McMullon said.

Cllr Emma Blades asked if a beacon would be lit as part of the beacon trail on Thursday  June 2. Cllr McMullon replied that the Rev Dave Clark is looking into this.

Dalehead Garage. – Cllr Peter Metcalfe reported on the proposed community ownership of the garage. He said there had been significant local expression of interest with many willing to invest. Both of the meetings the previous week had been well attended, he said.

Yorkshire Water. –  Cllr McMullon reported that the planned works had started well, but unfortunately over the course of the project, things had deteriorated. Towards the end there had been numerous issues causing concern to residents.

Cllr Metcalfe believed it had been one of the most “dysfunctional jobs” he had experienced. Fortunately, the work has now been completed, to the relief of all. But this project had held up the date when road resurfacing could start.

Road resurfacing. – A public meeting was held the previous week, said Cllr McMullon,  to discuss the planned resurfacing works and this had been very “vocal”.

It was acknowledged that there would never be a good time to undertake this work but clearly, after the problems of the past two years, undertaking it just as the new tourist season was about to start was a big issue causing a great deal of concern to many business-owners, she explained.

Following the meeting, the work has now been re-scheduled for the autumn and  North Yorkshire County councillor Yvonne Peacock advised that NYCC Highways was in discussions with the contractor to establish a start date.

Cllr McMullon suggested that, had there been public consultations earlier, some of the current issues may have been avoided. She requested that public meetings be arranged prior to the start of the work to allow residents to see the plans and discuss concerns they may have around such issues as parking.

Cllr Peacock was asked  to contact NYCC Highways  to request that public meetings  be arranged after the local authority elections but in advance of the work starting.

Ownership queries. –  Cllr Peacock confirmed that the land from Bear Cottage Interiors, fronting all properties along to Cafe Curva, was in the ownership of the Lords Trustees of the Manor of Bainbridge.  NYCC Highways, therefore, did not accept responsibility for its maintenance.

Cllr McMullon advised, however, that one of the Lords Trustees was adamant that responsibility for the area has been passed to NYCC Highways.

It is hoped that the area will be resurfaced by NYCC Highways as part of the Safer Roads project in the town.

There was also a question about the ownership of the steps up to The Hill and Cllr Peacock agreed to ask NYCC Highways to carry out some research.

She confirmed that six new flagstones had been ordered for placement outside the White Hart Inn.

Playground equipment. – The clerk reported that she had contacted Streetscape in February to confirm acceptance of their quote for new equipment at the Little Ings and Town Foot play parks. Unfortunately, one of the items on the order is not a standard stock item and there will be a delay in sourcing it.

She had informed Richmondshire District Council which had agreed to extend the grant claim until May.

The clerk said she had recently received a very comprehensive inspection report on the play parks from Robin Peters which had highlighted the many issues relating to maintenance and safety. It was agreed that the parish council will pay for the work.

Dales Bus. – It was reported that on the last Sunday in February 70 passengers had used the 856 bus service. But the report did not indicate how many of those passengers actually visited parts of the parish or contributed to businesses there.

After discussion it was agreed that, although this was a useful service, the parish council was unable, due to its limited funds and lack of evidence of clear benefit to the parish, to offer financial support.

Annual meetings. – The annual residents’ meeting will be held at Gayle Institute at 6.30pm on Monday May 16, followed at 7pm by the annual meeting of the parish council.