Students left disappointed after school cancels leavers’ proms

Richmond School.

Students at Richmond School and Sixth Form College have spoken of their disappointment after the school decided against holding leavers’ proms this year.

In recent years, the school has organised popular black tie events for students in both years 11 and 13.

However, school leaders say that due to the “uncertainty of the coming months” they have decided against holding the events this year.

The decision has disappointed a number of students who have spoken of their sadness at not being able to celebrate with their classmates.

One sixth form student, who asked not to be named, said: “For some students in this sixth form, it would have been a way to say goodbye to people they’ve known for almost seven years and for others it is a way to say goodbye to education.

“Speaking for myself, it has left me feeling as though we do not get a proper send off, which is very upsetting.”

Another student said: “Initially, I was never really that interested in proms.

“However, knowing we won’t get one this year has changed my perspective on them.

“After experiencing such a disrupted college experience and having to go through online learning being separated from my friends, a prom would have been the perfect opportunity to say our last goodbyes before we all go to university.”

A third pupil added: “After a very challenging and tough year, we are all extremely disappointed as a prom is meant to signify our last goodbyes and acts as a milestone in our lives.”

In response, Richmond School headteacher Jenna Potter said: “We will be marking the end of our students’ time at school and college in a number of ways- shirt signing for Year 11s, uniform day for Year 13 students, celebration assemblies, class of 2021 hoodies, yearbook and our customary video.

“Our usual prom event takes significant planning and in view of the uncertainty of the coming months we are unable to organise any mass gathering.

“Our focus will remain, as always on ensuring the safety and success of our students.”