Students selected to become Holocaust educational ambassadors.

Annabel Gorman and Maciej Nuprejczyk.

Two year 12 students from Richmond Sixth Form were selected to take part in a prestigious history project called Lessons from Auschwitz.

The project offers post-16 students the chance to learn about the holocaust and its relevance today through online seminars and a one-day trip to Poland to visit the Auschwitz camp itself.

During their visit to Poland, Annabel Gorman and Maciej Nuprejczyk visited the Jewish museum in Oswiecim where they read about both victims and survivors of the Holocaust and they were able to develop a more human connection to the tragedy.

The 17-year-old students said: “One of the most shocking sites at Auschwitz was of nearly two tons of hair on display.

“This reminded us of just how horrendous the treatment of prisoners was.

“Then ending our visit at Auschwitz 1, we entered the gas chamber which allowed us to reflect on the many lives lost and to remind ourselves on the importance of preserving this traumatic period of history.”

On return from the trip, Annabel and Maciej will be working on a project to share the lessons of the Holocaust with their school and community and once completed, will become Holocaust Educational Trust Ambassadors.

Stacey Ridley, history teacher, said: “Both students are fantastic representatives of our school and college, and I couldn’t be prouder of them.

“Maciej explained that he would like to learn more about the Holocaust as he has Polish heritage.

“He wanted to look at it from the perspective of the Polish and to find out more about their involvement. I had no doubt whatsoever that they would be up for the task and that they would take away lots of insightful ideas from this programme.”

Whilst at the camp, the students were able to witness a memorial service led by a Rabbi, where they heard a Jewish prayer For Martyrs of the Holocaust, which was a symbol of the Jewish Religion and its strength.

Annabel and Maciej said: “The trip allowed us to realise that the Holocaust was only a relatively recent event and we as a society therefore have to be careful to prevent it from occurring again.”

You can find out more about the Lessons from Auschwitz programme at

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  1. While I think it is very important to understand and never forget what happened regarding the worst of man’s inhumanity to man. With todays high incident rates of suicide amongst the youth surely we should be better having them study the more positive side of humanity. We should always be wary. Gary Lineker was right when he said some of the rhetoric from our politicians is similar to that being used in Germany before the war.

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