Study underway to prepare Catterick Garrison barracks for new role

Munster Barracks. Photo: Google.

An  study is underway at Munster Barracks in Catterick Garrison to prepare it for a new role.

The barracks will become home to 1st UK Division, one of three UK Divisional Headquarters, and a base for additional units.

The  study, which is being carried out by Ramboll UK Ltd, will seek to optimise use of the site and prepare it for its new role.

The Ministry of Defence says it is engaging with key stakeholders on the plans for Catterick Garrison, as well as wider investment in the regeneration of Catterick town centre.

Major General Richard Clements CBE, Director of Basing and Infrastructure, said: “We continue to work closely with local partners to define and deliver the development of Catterick Garrison and I am grateful for the collaborative spirit that is enabling our steady progress.

“This assessment study is a crucial phase for the Munster Barracks project, which will support the rationalisation of the British Army set out in Future Soldier. We remain committed to the ongoing improvement of the environments where our people live, work and train, while supporting the Army’s operational capability.”

North Yorkshire Council’s Leader, Cllr Carl Les, added: “North Yorkshire has a proud history associated with the military, and with one of the largest numbers of personnel nationally living in our county seeing these plans come together is an exciting step forward.

“We have already secured funding for the £21 million regeneration of the town centre and combined with this work we will see improvements to the infrastructure of Catterick Garrison for both military personnel and our local residents.”

Catterick Garrison is home to one of the largest Army bases in the country with the town centre transformation bringing benefits to Armed Forces personnel and their families.

Ramboll UK Ltd will report the findings of the Munster Barracks assessment study at the end of 2024.


  1. You should be looking at the infrastructure ,roads, medical/dental facilities stop building more houses until the infrastructure can support the volume of people and cars

  2. Will this make cattrick garrison the only one and biggest in England and will be the main base for the forces then

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