Sunseekers leave Richmond Falls in a mess… again

Rubbish left at the Falls yesterday.

Hundreds of sunseekers descended on Richmond Falls yesterday — and many left without taking their rubbish with them.

Local residents and council workers have been left to clean up the mess with disposable barbecues, fresh meat, drinks cans and bottles, clothing, tents and inflatable boats among the items discarded at the beauty spot.

A video posted on social media shows the falls and surrounding area scattered with rubbish.

Several residents said they had already cleared away bag loads of litter from the area.

There were also reports of disorder in Richmond Market Place with claims a staff member at the Co-op being assaulted.

Earlier this week the district council issued a reminder that a public a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) was in place at Richmond Falls and the Batts.

The order was put in place following concerns over large groups gathering by the river during the pandemic drinking and taking drugs.

Anyone breaching the order by littering or lighting a barbecue could face a fixed penalty notice, the council said.

Disposable barbecues left at the falls yesterday.

Local residents say the problem have been ongoing for several days, with more than £60 of steak being left at the beauty spot several days ago!





  1. Not only rubbish at falls but trashed signs at the station. If people have no respect for where they are, then we don’t want them. Why aren’t the adults at work and the children in school? It just seems any excuse to go out.

  2. So council the council have said COULD face a penalty notice, so where were the council when they Should have given out Penalty notices!!! It’s alright walking the the walk but it’s obvious they don’t talk the talk. North Yorkshire police have plenty of special Constables who do have the power of arrest who are willing to give up their time on a weekend and work alongside the council but I think it’s obvious the council would rather not work weekends to sort this absolute disgraceful behaviour out!

  3. This is depressing not only because of the selfishness of the participants but also because of the waste. This morning I was talking to a neighbour about food banks and then I saw this. What a thoughtless, self-centred society we live in.

  4. until the district council start giving out fines instead of could face a fine this will keep happening. People sitting in offices with no idea of reality. Start fining and it will stop very quickly.

  5. I was in marketplace early evening and it was shocking and I was scared. So many people who were fall down drunk. Felt really sorry for people working in shops and takeaways

  6. I thought that littering was an offence, how many penalty notices issued?
    How many offenders photographed following warnings ?

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