Surface dressing of roads across Richmondshire to start next week

Surface dressing taking place. Photo: Michael Trolove.

Surface dressing work to maintain and protect roads is due to start in Richmondshire next week

More than 50 miles of road in the district are to be improved, with the dressing scheduled to begin on Friday, June 29.

Officials say surface dressing offers a quick, efficient and cost-effective way of maintaining skid-resistant and waterproof road surfaces, helping to prevent deterioration.

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It involves spraying bitumen onto the road surface then covering it with a layer of chippings. The process can extend the life of a road by up to ten years.

County Councillor Don Mackenzie, Executive Member for Highways, said: “Surface dressing is comparatively low-cost at a fifth of the price of resurfacing.

See below for the full surface dressing schedule for Richmondshire.

“This means we can treat a much larger proportion of the road network each year, preventing the need for much more expensive work later. The speed of the operation and its long-term benefits, as well as the short time for which motorists are inconvenienced, are important factors.

“However, the procedure requires the cooperation of drivers. It is important that traffic is allowed onto the new surface because the loose chippings need traffic to push them fully into the road. It is also important that drivers keep to the speed limit to allow the surface to stabilise and to avoid damage to their vehicles. That is why we put in place a 20mph speed limit during the early life of the dressing.”

After dressing, the new surface is left for seven days to allow the chippings to embed then any residual chippings can be swept up before road markings are repainted. Information boards will be erected in the areas where work is to take place and letters will be delivered to affected properties. The work will be subject to weather conditions.

Separately, the County Council has been awarded extra funding from the Government this year for the repair and prevention of potholes.

This is in addition to the authority’s ongoing maintenance budget and is being allocated to projects across the county, including resurfacing schemes in Richmondshire costing about £540,000.

These include: the C31 Bedale Road, Scotton; the A6136 Dundas Street, Richmond; the A6136, Station Road, Richmond, to the Station; the A6136 Gough Road to Camp Centre; Cravengate, Richmond; Hurgill Road, Richmond, and various further locations in the district.

Below is the surface dressing schedule for Richmondshire.

Road Location Duration Start Finish
U1343 Moor Lane and Cleasby Lane, Cleasby 0.5 days Mon 09/07/18 Mon 09/07/18
C12 West Layton to B6274 junction, East Layton 1.25 days Mon 09/07/18 Wed 11/07/18
C110 Newsham to Smallways, Newsham 0.3 days Wed 11/07/18 Wed 11/07/18
U1069 Holgate Farm Road, Washfold 0.1 days Wed 11/07/18 Wed 11/07/18
U1075 Moor Lane, Washfold 1 day Wed 11/07/18 Thur 12/07/18
U1070 Helwith to Long Green Gate Road, Washfold 0.2 days Thur 12/07/18 Thur 12/07/18
U1105 sturdy House Lane and Feldom Lane, Washton Green 1.25 days Thur 12/07/18 Fri 13/07/18
C122 Hudswell to Downholme Road, Hudswell 1 day Fri 13/07/18 Sat 14/07/18
U1224 Fifth Avenue, Colburn 0.1 days Sat 14/07/18 Sat 14/07/18
U1223 Fourth Avenue, Colburn 0.1 days Sun 15/07/18 Sun 15/07/18
U3005 Blue Nile Way, Colburn 0.1 days Sun 15/07/18 Sun 15/07/18
U3004 Peppermint Drive, Colburn 0.1 days Sun 15/07/18 Sun 15/07/18
U1215 Constantine Avenue, Colburn 0.2 days Sun 15/07/18 Sun 15/07/18
U1216 Constantine Grove, Colburn 0.1 days Sun 15/07/18 Sun 15/07/18
U2401 Meadowfield Road, Colburn 0.1 days Sun 15/07/18 Sun 15/07/18
U1213 Grange Road, Colburn 0.1 days Sun 15/07/18 Sun 15/07/18
U1214 Manor Grove, Colburn 0.1 days Sun 15/07/18 Sun 15/07/18
U1178 Road from Tunstall to Catterick Road, Tunstall 0.5 days Sun 15/07/18 Mon 16/07/18
U1424 Ellerton-on-Swale Village Streets, Ellerton-on-Swale 0.5 days Mon 16/07/18 Mon 16/07/18
C128 No Mans Moor Lane, Finghall 0.5 days Mon 16/07/18 Tue 17/07/18
C128 West Moor Lane, Spennithorne 0.75 days Tue 17/07/18 Wed 18/07/18
C29 Arkengarthdale Road, Reeth 0.2 days Wed 18/07/18 Wed 18/07/18
U437 Grinton to Redmire Road, Redmire 2.5 days Wed 18/07/18 Fri 20/07/18
U246 Harr Gill, Woodhall 0.2 days Fri 20/07/18 Fri 20/07/18
U231 Raydale House Road, Marsett 0.3 days Fri 20/07/18 Mon 23/07/18
C135 Marsett Lane, Countersett 0.3 days Mon 23/07/18 Mon 23/07/18
C43 High Lane, Burtersett 1.2 days Mon 23/07/18 Tue 24/07/18
U203 Old Gayle Lane, Gayle 0.3 days Tue 24/07/18 wed 25/07/18
U198 Lanacar Lane, Appersett 0.5 days Wed 25/07/18 Wed 25/07/18
U1374 Dalton Village Streets, Dalton-on-Tees 0.25 days Fri 29/06/18 Fii 29/06/08
C1 Station Road, North Cowton 0.3 days Tue 03/07/18 Tue 03/07/18
B1263 Blind Lane to Stank Bridge, North Cowton 1 day Tue 03/07/18 Wed 04/07/18
C104 Moor Road, Tunstall 0.75 days Wed 04/07/18 Thur 05/07/18
C31 Newton-le-Willows to No Mans Moor Lane, Newton-le-Willows 0.5 days Thur 05/07/18 Thur 05/07/18
C42 Ulshaw to Dolly Bog Wood, Ulshaw 0.5 days Thur 05/07/18 Fri 06/07/18
A684 Harmby Main Road, Harmby 0.25 days Fri 06/07/18 Fri 06/07/18
B6270 Grinton to Reeth, Reeth 0.75 days Fri 06/07/18 Mon 09/07/18
C106 Leyburn to Grinton Road, Leyburn 0.75 days Mon 09/07/18 Mon 09/07/18
C34 Runs Bank junction to Scarth Nick, Bellerby 2 days Mon 09/07/18 Thur 12/07/18
A684 Heads Bank to Temple Bank, Aysgarth 0.75 days Thur 12/07/18 Thur 12/07/18
C34 Woodhall to Askrigg, Woodhall 1 day Thur 12/07/18 Fri 13/07/18
B6259 Moorcock Inn to Aisgill Moor Cottages Road, Garsdale Head 0.5 days Fri 13/07/18 Sat 14/07/18



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