Surge of Covid-19 cases in Catterick Garrison and Richmond

New data shows a sharp rise in the number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in Richmondshire.

There have been 47 positive tests over the last seven days in the district.

Localised data shows  Catterick Garrison and Colburn and Richmond were the areas worst affected.

Between September 24 and 30, there were 23 confirmed cases in Catterick Garrison and Colburn, and ten in Richmond.

Elsewhere, there were five in the Catterick Village and Brompton-on-Swale area and four in the Leyburn and Middleham area over the same period.

Richmondshire now has a rate of 757.5 cases per 100,000 people since the start of the pandemic, which is the second highest in North Yorkshire with only Craven having a higher rate.

Richard Flinton, chair of the North Yorkshire Local Resilience Forum, says the county is at a tipping point and it is the responsibility of everyone to play their part and follow distancing guidelines.

As most infection can be linked to household and social contact Richard Flinton called on residents across the age range to pull together.

He said: “Rather than wait for Government intervention and the imposition of more serious lockdown measures being faced by people in many parts of the north of England, we are appealing to people to take the necessary precautions now.

“We must not risk everything we have achieved in North Yorkshire by letting our guard down. Social distancing and hand washing remain the best defences against Covid – with face coverings where required.

“So enjoy a night out, support our local hospitality businesses which have done so much to make their premises Covid-secure, but stick to social distancing regulations and the rule of six to help keep everybody safe.”

More information on testing and coronavirus is available here:





  1. I’m visiting Richmond at the moment and am appalled by the lack of social distancing when out shopping

    • You want to try living in it people aren’t taking it seriously at all, they just want to get on with life probably because they haven’t been touched by this deadly virus it’s but it’s a killer we have lost two people in our street to the virus ( completely un connected) if anyone thinks I’m talking crap that has left two families completely devastated having a loved one taken before it was time to go.
      I have been shielding since March and cannot even think about going into a shop or anywhere because most don’t use mask don’t social distance and take no notice of the number of people allowed in a shop and just walk in past people patiently waiting outside for someone to walk out, this means we cannot shop around we just have to live of delivery’s cost a lot more to live the disabled people are at a massive disadvantage because you cannot go get money out of the cash machine to give to a volunteer to shop for you and live like a hermit because your partner can’t go shopping because it’s far to risky to bring it home to someone who it’s a t a greater risk of severe illness and death.
      So if your feed up with not being able to do everything you want think about people that have stayed in the house since March !

  2. Unfortunately there will always be inconsiderate selfish idiots whom choose not to comply with sensible advice and whom would rather listen to their silly friends.The Covidiots are on a level with selfish drink Driver’s,they don’t care or think about other people and they always hurt innocent people.Grow up people and stop going into each other’s houses,use you’re common sense for the sake of everyone please!

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