Suspected milk thief caught on CCTV in Richmond

A still image taken from a CCTV footage of a theft in progress.

A suspected milk thief was captured on CCTV stealing from a doorstep in Richmond this morning.

It comes as a number of customers said their milk and juice had been stolen in the town in the early hours.

CCTV of one incident shows a car pull up at 12.24am.

A person then gets out and runs to the door. Their face is not visible however.

Thefts have been reported on social media in the Pikepurse, Cutpurse and St Nicholas Drive areas of Richmond.



Several milk thefts in Scorton were also reported this morning.

One social media user suggested the thief had been following the delivery van around and stealing milk when they left.

Another questioned why they had bothered as fuel is more expensive than milk.

Several people said they had reported the theft to the police.

A spokesperson for North Yorkshire Police said they would issue an appeal for information if necessary.