Swaledale roadworks set to be completed tomorrow

The work in Healaugh. Photo: Richard Walls.

Roadworks which have caused disruption in Swaledale are due to be completed tomorrow, officials say.

Residents have expressed their anger that a road closure has been put in place because of the work by Yorkshire Water in Healaugh.

It is understood that at one point this week workers arrived to fill in the hole before the work was completed — and were only stopped from doing so by a resident who got in the hole.

The woman said she told them she was not leaving until they had checked with their office, which they did before leaving without filling in the hole.

Residents and visitors wanting to get to upper Swaledale have faced a lengthy diversion up Arkengarthdale and over tops to Keld from Tan Hill.

However, it has been claimed the roadworks were only minor and a full road closure was not needed.

Reeth district councillor Richard Good said the closure had “caused a lot of confusion”.

He added: “From what I understand people can still get past as the road isn’t blocked.”

County councillor Yvonne Peacock said she had taken up the issue with highways staff at the county council.

A spokesperson for Yorkshire Water said the road signage and closure was implemented by North Yorkshire County Council’s highways department.

They added that the work was due to be completed on Wednesday this week.

They said they had received any reports of work being disrupted by local residents.

Richmondshire Today has contacted the county council but we have not yet had a response.



  1. Why were the road closed signs in place all weekend when the road was clearly open? Did it really need 11 ‘Road ahead closed’ signs from Thwaite to Healaugh. This must have cost many people time, fuel and lost business.
    Absolutely disgraceful.

  2. Its good to talk but sadly something that is lacking in this day and age. Everyone is happy to blame someone else and in this case NYCC and Yorkshire Water.

  3. The road closure was in place for health and safety reasons for the work force and the public. This is following the red book provided by the council and Yorkshire water have to follow their policies and procedures when it comes to street works. Disruption is always going to happen when your working on roads, people just need to be patient. As everyone is trying to provide a service, and get peoples water back on/fix leaks/up to Yorkshire waters standards -I’m sure if it was outside/inside one of your houses you would want it fixed. And people wouldn’t be commenting on the disruption and inconvenience.

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