Swaledale stretch of Coast to Coast walk resurfaced thanks to donation

Inspecting the new surface, from left, were area ranger Michael Briggs, HF Holidays walk leader Richard Tolley and HF members Lynne Connor from Wimbledon, Jane Harris from Oxfordshire, Deborah Evans from London, Tony and Pat Miller from Kent, and Helen Allen from Grantham.

A team of rangers and volunteers has re-surfaced part of the Coast to Coast path in Swaledale with the help of a donation from the guided walking company HF Holidays.

Seven members of HF Holidays saw for themselves the flags that have been laid across an often water-logged 110 metre section.

HF Holidays donated nearly £7,000 to the project.

The re-surfacing works in Upper Swaledale have coincided with news that a formal proposal is to be brought forward to designate the Coast to Coast footpath as a National Trail.

HF Holidays walk leader, Richard Tolley, a former resident of Kirkby Stephen now living in Rutland, said: “Wainwright’s Coast to Coast route is a popular classic trail for HF Holidays guests and leaders and we always try to help protect and improve the countryside where we walk.

“It was great to see in person the repairs to the path near Ravenseat and the difference our Pathways Fund can make.”

The Swaledale Area Ranger at the National Park Authority, Michael Briggs, said: “It often surprises people to learn that the Coast to Coast (C2C) route isn’t part of the family of National Trails.

“We need to maintain it alongside all the other public rights of way in the National Park.

“This is where organisations such as HF Holidays play a vital role.”

“We like to build things to last and help protect the fragile peat environment this section of the C2C passes through.  The path is now more resistant to increasing footfall.

The C2C brings a steady stream of people to the local businesses along the route, so it’s become an important asset for Swaledale.”