Swaledale student designs logo for climate change group

Violet is pictured with Mike Sparrow (centre) and school headteacher, Gordon Stainsby.

A Swaledale student’s art skills have seen her design chosen as the new logo for a climate change group.

Violet Livingstone-Owen’s image depicting a world in two halves — one showing what it will be like if we save the planet and the other if we don’t — is to be used by Richmondshire Climate Action Partnership.

The 11-year-old, who attends Reeth and Gunnerside Primary Schools, said she was inspired by her interest in green issues.

“I did half good and half bad in my logo design.

“The one with factories shows how much pollution is going into the air. I gave that piece of land a darker shade for the smoke and soot on the ground.

“The fallen trees represent deforestation. The people are sad around that half because the animals have nowhere to live and it’s getting too hot.

“In the other half people are replanting trees and not cutting them all down. The animals have a place to live. There is no pollution in the water on the good side if people do beach clean ups.

“I think we need to drive less and be more active. We need to work as a community by giving time to help. We need to make a difference.”

The partnership brings together representatives from the district council, community organisations, individuals and businesses to take local action on climate change.

An action plan for a net zero carbon council has recently been adopted by the district authority, and the partnership is working on a complementary one for the wider district.

It is hoped that students and others will also come forward with ideas for projects to include in it.

“Violet’s logo illustrates the wonderfully insightful clarity of a young mind,” said Mike Sparrow, deputy chair of Richmondshire Climate Action Partnership.

“The stark contrast of a world that is nurtured with care and respect, juxtaposed to the spectre of what we all face if we ignore our responsibility to safeguard clean air and healthy ecosystems; a happy world versus a sad world.

“It reminds us that we all have a part to play, no matter how small, no matter your age, in protecting the legacy that we leave for future generations, and we are delighted to be able to use Violet’s work as our motif.”

To find out more about the partnership – and to share ideas – check out: richmondshireclimateaction.org or email info@richmondshireclimateaction.org