Swimming lessons resume at Richmond Swimming Pool

Richmond Swimming Pool.

Swimming lessons have resumed at Richmond Swimming Pool

The venue’s swim academy reopened on Monday.

The pool had previously reopened for business on July 25 following easing of Covid -19 lockdown rules.

The pool has moving to a revised pool programme that includes aqua fit, triathlon club and a variety of swimming classes for schools, after school and pre-school provision.

The pool, which is managed by a local not for profit charity, Richmondshire Leisure Trust, says it has been working with guidelines from Swim England in order to bring back swimming lessons safely.

Leisure trust general manager Austin Gordon said: “Covid -19 safety assessments, staff training, enhanced cleaning and disinfection regimes and following guidance from industry bodies have led us to a point where we are ready to return the pool programme to something close to pre-pandemic.

“The numbers  re-enrolling are broadly similar to pre covid levels, which is very encouraging and several schools will be returning to swim at the pool this term.”

For a copy of the new pool programme visit www.rltrust.org.uk