Syrian refugees to arrive in Richmondshire and Hambleton

A Syrian family waits after being escorted into the harbor by the Greek Coast Guard, which found them drifing offshore on June 4, 2015, in Kos, Greece.

Eleven families who have fled war-torn Syria will be given the opportunity to start new lives in Richmondshire and Hambleton this month.

In total, 54 people will be resettled in the two districts as part of a Government scheme.

Since the first refugees from the conflict in Syria arrived in North Yorkshire in the summer of 2016, the county will have taken in 50 families – 238 refugees in total.

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The resettlement programme began after the Government’s announcement in 2015 that 20,000 Syrian refugees would be accommodated in Britain.

The first seven families arrived in North Yorkshire in July 2016 and since then refugees have been resettled district by district in Selby, Craven, Harrogate, Ryedale and Scarborough.

Officials say this has taken place over a period of time to enable successful support and integration.

North Yorkshire’s remaining districts – Hambleton and Richmondshire – will take in 11 refugee families, 54 people in total,  by the end of this month.

North Yorkshire County Council, which manages the settlement programme, said it had worked closely with district councils, the police, NHS clinical commissioning groups and the Refugee Council to prepare for arrivals and to support families.

The Refugee Council helps the refugees day to day with access to services such as GPs and integration into the community.

The Refugee Council also works with specific local volunteers to provide longer-term befriending support.

The county council provides English language support and schools across the county have worked effectively to provide an inclusive and supportive environment.

A spokesperson for the county council said: “The priority is to help the refugees settle into local communities and start to make independent lives for themselves as quickly as possible.”


  1. I hope you will publish ways in which our community can help welcome the refugees to our area

    • I no longer live in Richmondshire, but am still a North Yorkshire resident. I agree wholeheartedly with Jan Teasdale’s comment.

  2. Is this not race discrimination against others who ate in need of housing and have been on the waiting list a lot longer? Interesting test case against North Yorkshire for someone who has been on the waiting list.

  3. Well what else can anyone expect, you should now be aware that our own people come last on the housing list when it comes down to refugees , I wonder if this would be the case if we were in there country( I think not).

  4. It is a great opportunity for the people and communities of Richmondshire and Hambleton to show their compassion, humanity and warmth. While some may be unsettled by this arrival, the reality is that these families will invigorate the communities and bring much needed youth and diversity. More should be done to support refugees from Syria and North Yorkshire can show a lot of heart.

  5. With all the homes being built in the Richmond/Catterick/Colburn area, there is surely room for both those already on the waiting list and the five or six families who would be accommodated under this scheme. Perhaps we should devote a little more interest and energy to welcoming people who have sought refuge here in the face of sometimes unimaginable hardship.

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