Talk on Richmond Castle’s new 3D model at techie meet up

The third Richmondshire tech meetup will be held later this month at thecitysecret Academy in Richmond.

The events, which are held on the third Wednesday of the month, runs from around 6pm through to 8pm.

It is an opportunity for those working in technology and programming to socialise and exchange ideas.

For the November event on the 15th the group are welcoming Bob Smith, a curator from English Heritage.

English Heritage have recently installed a 3D model of the military cells at Richmond Castle.

Bob will talk about the software he used, including Lightroom, Photoshop, Cinema4D, Moho and Unity, as well as discussing production methodology, building, coding, testing, etc.

The tech meetups are informal and create an opportunity for local techies to meet and find out how others are using technology and hear about what they are developing.

With beers, pizza and other refreshments, it is a great opportunity to meet your local tech community.

Although the event is free, organisers say it would be great if people could let them they know they are attending via EVENTBRITE, although people can still go along at short notice.

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