Task group to be formed to tackle anti-social behaviour at Richmond falls

People at the falls in May. Photo: Nigel Galbraith.

A task group is to be formed to tackle problems of anti-social behaviour at the falls in Richmond.

It follows problems with people gathering at the beauty spot over the last two weekends to drink and listen to music.

The groups have left behind large amounts of rubbish, including broken glass, disposal barbecues and nitrous oxide canisters.

Local residents have demanded action from the police and local authorities to tackle the problem.

In response, Richmondshire District Council said they were coordinating efforts to address the issues at the falls.

A spokesperson said: “Richmondshire District Council is coordinating a multi-agency task group in response to anti-social behaviour at the falls over the last two weekends.

“The aim of the task group is to bring all the key players together to work out the best solution to prevent and manage the behaviour experienced recently.

“The task group will be set up as soon as possible and will include North Yorkshire Police, North Yorkshire County Council and district councillors.

“Further updates will be given as the work of the task group progresses.”

Inspector Mark Gee, from Richmondshire neighbourhood policing team, has already said he is happy to work with local councils to tackle the problems.




  1. There should be members of the public from the area on the task group also.after all it is those people who are experiencing the problems first hand

  2. Well shall we do something – no – let’s form a committee at some time in the future to talk about this problem.
    Everyone knows what the problems are – why talk about them
    It will go round and round with no action with lots of expensive people all fighting their corners.
    We wi be advised of progress ….no time set could be a week – a month who knows never set out without an end date.
    If they can stretch it out the summer will be over and the need will disappear….job done
    In a way I hope that the last couple of weeks shambles happens again to show our leaders up
    You can bet this wont be sorted by this weekend.

  3. I wouldn’t count on Richmond Council been any good with this issue ! I use to work & live in Richmond for 30+years.. I now live in the Northwest & still have Family in Richmond & I’ve never been back to Richmond since this Virus began to see them.Total Disgrace! Residents shouldn’t have to put up with it.

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